Television Death Match Spectacular

Hello my Dino-Nuggets!

I don’t know about you, but the last couple of weeks have been DAUNTING. Work really did a number on me. I got a letter back from the state saying I was mistaken on my tax return, and now OWE money. Game of Thrones won’t be on this weekend!! Really terrible stuff.

In order to fill up my time normally spent anticipating/watching/reviewing/obsessing over the show, I now have some time to write…

about Game Of Thrones.



[not sorry]

I will prove to you all how great this show is by having a


I will match up some Game of Thrones cast members with some other beloved tv characters in a brutal test of awesomeness! There will only be one victor per round.

Without further adoo…




Broody bastard that could melt The Wall with his smolder…. Jon Snow.



Broody law enforcement man who could stop a horde dead in their tracks with his… personality?….Rick Grimes
[The Walking Dead]

Hmm.. both are reluctant leaders constantly faced with the looming threat of an Undead army. Both lack a massive emotional range/interesting storyline (at least compared to their costars), yet still attract massive support of the fandoms.

I’d have to give the win to Rick. They won’t kill off Rick. The whole story rides on him.

~ Round 2 ~
The ruthless Momma Lion Cersei Lannister.


The positively Psycho Norma Bates. [Bates Motel]

Norma Bates.
Sorry Cersei. Even when dead, Norma still holds tremendous psychological holds over her offspring. When’s the last time you were able to contain your bratty kids?

~ Round 3 ~
Our smokin’ hot Red Priestess Melisandre.


The Supremely bewitching Cordelia Foxx. [American Horror Story]


I mean c’mon. She’s the Supreme. Even if she could be killed by Melly, (although not by fire due to her Pyrokinesis) she can be brought back to life by her one true love (FOXXAY 4 lyfe!) who just happens to have the power of resurgence.

~ Round 4 ~


The lethal Bisexual hailing from the sands of Dorne, Oberyn Martell!

The Nordic sex-beast himself, vampire Eric Northman. [True Blood]


The Red Viper may be very suave and skilled and combat, but he just cannot compete with a 1,000 year old vampire. Unless of course the battle were to be held in Dorne. That particular house of Westeros seems to readily idolize one of Eric’s greatest weaknesses.


Spears, ALL vampires fear spears.

I predict the battle will begin at night, and Oberyn will fend Eric off before getting mortally wounded. Eric will have lost track of time trying to kill off Oberyn and burn upon the rising of the sun. Leading to both contestants to win AND lose.


Oh yeah book readers, I just did that.

~ Round 5 ~

Lannister Golden Boy (see what I did there?) Jaime Lannister.



Resident hottie Schmidt. [New Girl]

Jaime Lannister.

Both of these competitors would be neck and neck in a popularity contest, although no one would know why. Both infamously arrogant jerks seem to have a radiating magnetism to them. But this is not a competition for Country Club President, it is a FIGHT TO THE DEATH. And knowing how to fight with a sword (even with a gimpy gold hand) clearly proves an advantage.

~ Round 6 ~


Conniving Geriatric Olenna Tyrell.

Sassy Artistocrat Dowager Countess. [Downton Abbey]

Queen of Thorns.
While both are fabulously sharp-tongued and could have an unparalleled verbal fencing match, there is a clear disadvantage here.
You see, the British High-Society folk just cannot turn down a cup of tea. And Queen Olenna seems to love adding extra… surprises… in beverages.

Just ask this poor schmuck.

Just ask this poor schmuck.

~ Round 7 ~

The Wildling Kissed By Fire, Ygritte.

The fiery beauty, Gloria Pritchett. [Modern Family]

While both opinionated accent-speaking beauties would have a good go at it, Ygritte would have no problem in hand-to-hand combat and would mercilessly kill anyone who got in her way. (Besides maybe, ‘John Sneauuuu’).

~ Round 8 ~ TAG TEAM ROUND ~
The Prince of Transcendence Brand Stark and the eloquent Hodor.

The Adventuresome dream team of Finn and Jake. [Adventure Time]

Bran + Hodor.
While there is no denying Finn and Jake’s bravery and impressive battle history against all sorts of scary foes, they just don’t stand a chance against Bran and Hodor. For one, this is Hodor we’re talking about. It has not been confirmed, but he is clearly the frontrunner to win the Iron Throne. And then you have Bran, who is essentially training to be one of the Old Gods. Even if Finn and Jake seem to gain an advantage in the battle, Bran will simply Warg into Jake’s mind, turning him against Finn.

~Round 9~

The no-nonsense Brienne.

The no-time-for-your-bullshit Lana Kane. [Archer]


These two Amazonian powerhouses would have a very close-hard fought battle, after first sitting down to enjoy the company of someone who deals with as much crap from peers as the other does. But once Lana decided the fight was dragging on too long, she’d pick out one of her many guns and finish the job, like she always does.

~ Round 10 ~
The devious Master of Coin (and deception), Petyr Baelish.


Capitol Hill power-player Frank Underwood. [House of Cards]


Oh boy. This is a very tough one. Both are exceptionally good at using any means necessary (including unsuspecting people) to get what they want and cunningly climb the ladder to rule.
I suppose I’d have to give the slight edge on this to Littlefinger, for I feel he would be slightly more quick to simply murder his foe if he knew he would be a tough competitor.

~ Round 11 ~
The protagonist you have trouble rooting for (but still sort of pity)… Theon Greyjoy.


The protagonist you REALLY have trouble rooting for… Hannah Horvath. [HBO’s GIRLS]

Theon, by a landslide.
Even if Hannah actually did any sort of damage to Theon, he has clearly shown he can take all sorts of physical abuse and pain and still function. Hannah would self-destruct as soon as she knows she wouldn’t be able to tur her battle experiences in a self-indulgent screenplay.

~ Round 12 ~


[Orange Is The New Black]

Pennsatucky. Even though Joffrey is a terrible excuse for a human being, he is quite cowardly. A match between these two questionably-inbred jerks would be close, all Pennsatucky would need is some misinterpreted sign from God that Joffrey needed to die, and she would stop at nothing to see it done.

~ Round 13 ~


Young Badass Arya Stark.

Wise-beyond-her-years Sally Draper. [Mad Men]

Arya Stark.
Clearly the young lady training to be a FREAKING ASSASSIN would have the combative advantage here. But as far as judging the quality each character brings to their respective show, it’d be a pretty even matchup.

~Round 14 ~
The most snuggly bodyguard evar… Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane.

The friendliest Teddy Bear of a government worker you’ll know… Ron ‘Duke Silver’ Swanson.
[Parks and Recreation]

The Hound, duh.
Even though I love Ron Swanson for his grumpiness, epic one-liners, and general disdain for everyone else but himself, I love The Hound for all the same reasons. So then we must take into consideration that The Hound is a highly skilled and ruthless killer.

~Round 15~
The daddy-of-the-year Tywin Lannister.

Teacher-of-the-year Walter ‘Heisenberg’ White. [Breaking Bad]

Walter White.
Even though Tywin is a master strategist, I really don’t think he’d fare well against Mr. ‘I-Am-The-Danger’. Walter seems to luck out of so many deadly situations and come out on top. Besides, he has plenty of useful Chemistry tricks up his sleeve.

~Round 16~

He puts the ‘IMP’ in ‘PIMP’… Tyrion Lannister.

Everyone’s favorite High-Functioning Sociopath, Sherlock Holmes.

With an underdog win, Tyrion Lannister.
Even though this would be a battle of wits to go down in history, I feel that Tyrion would somehow come out ahead. I am not sure how, but I feel it would happen. Also, image the outrage if Tyrion were to ever die. If Sherlock were to die, we’d just have to face the wrath of the Cumber-bitches. If Tyrion gets killed off EVERYONE WILL RIOT.

*HINT*HINT*, George R.R. Martin.


The beautiful Daenerys ‘name-is-not-Khaleesi’ Targaryen.


The… lots of adjectives… Clone Club. [Orphan Black]


I know. You’re probably wondering how I could go against my raging Targaryen Fealty and NOT declare Dany as the unquestionable victor. But the truth is, I really don’t see either matchup being completely wiped out. Sure Dany has an entire Army and friggin’ DRAGONS, but I feel that more and more clones would keep popping up no matter how many she kills. And If she were without her army, guards, or dragons, I feel that Dany wouldn’t stand a chance against some of these ladies, especially Helena.

Also I feel like this guy would throw a stupid love-triangle wrench into the whole deal.



whatshisface... Orphan Daario

whatshisface… Orphan Daario

So I’ll just make a ruling on this and declare them all the winners! The Clones could join Dany and be excellent Royal Advisors.

So after many hard fought battles, one side triumphed just a few times more (but it was close). And the winner is…


Did you really think this would turn out a different way?

I’m sure plenty of you may disagree with my ruling on this, and may go to lengths to let me know. And I only have this to say about it.

Haters to the Left.

Haters to the Left.


I’m glad I am a Speechie, there’s nothing I’d rather be!

Hello to you all!

I hope this finds you all blessed and in a good place in life.
Scratch that.

I don’t know all of the people reading this, and I’ve never found that statement to hold any significant meaning. Surely you know the type of people who blurt it out all too frequently. The truth of the matter is that doing that loses its sincerity, and states the obvious. Unless you’re a sociopath, or are dealing with sociopaths, you generally do not wish that people won’t be blessed in life. Its really one of those things that goes without saying.

By vocalizing such a thing, (usually tied to a ‘Happy Friday!’ social media post) you may play it under the idea that you clearly want to validate others and wish them blessings, but admittedly there is also a part of you (ranging from tiny to astronomical) that simply wants to be seen well-wishing strangers. Hey I’m guilty of it too, it’s this little thing I’m trying called BEING A HUMAN.

I just want to say here and now that that facade doesn’t work on everyone. I don’t surf my News Feed thinking, “Oh no another post from [horrible person]. I’m so tired of hearing from her, I should really just unfriend her. Oh.. wait!”

TGIF Facebook Fam, peace and blessings, namaste!

“Well, I won’t be unfriending someone so selfless as to make a generic post of a deep-seeded wish for all the happiness/peace life can bring. That is a grade-A person there.” I will be frank in saying that those people NEVER make me feel that way. They actually make me more wary of how insincere they are. Save your blessings for those people or moments closest to your heart, because it will truly feel like a treasure you and those few special people share.

You all should know that everyone you vaguely know is just fine with the idea that you should have a blessed life. I wish that upon you all, as well, although it is really quite pointless to say. If any of you fools still aren’t getting it and need to get some tangible validation, here you go:

Now you may be thinking, “Good God Debbie Downer! I paid for comedy gold, not passive agressive soapbox time! What in blue blazes does this have to do with anything?”

As you can maybe tell, I’m not in the greatest of moods. It is a really infamous time of year known as STILL FUCKING WINTER, where all the little boys and girls start to get a little stir crazy from isolation, extreme cold, and deplorable driving conditions and say a big ‘ol FUCK IT to the gilded sense of changing for the better/goodwill towards all that Christmas/New Years brings.
Then you sprinkle in a highly massive failure of a work move, and a very tragic loss of fictional love that in your mental instability/isolation, you held a little too close to your heart to let go.

Yeah, like that.

And you get the ishy feelings that only belong in Lana Del Rey songs that I have been swimming in for the past few weeks.

Point being, I have found myself in sort of an awkward meh Limbo of sorts. But I do see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Spring will come…


Walking Dead (and other wonderful tv returns!)

Aaaand…. Speech Season begins again.

What is Speech, you may ask? Well… It’s a wonderful extracurricular activity that is centered around students performing various written selections, TL;DR, click here for an explanation.

It is also the topic of this here post, compadre.

Yes. All that stuff you read up there…. just the intro MOFOs!

Okay, okay, first things first. Why have I taken such an interest in a high school event?

Am I hopelessly trying to relive old glory days and missed opportunities?

Do I have some creepy obsession with the lives of awkward teenagers?

I happen to use my experiences of being a former Speechie to judge the meets; which is a culmination of enjoying the work done, offering my critiques of the work, some money, and most importantly, free food.

Now Speech is consisted of 13 categories.

1. Extemporaneous Speaking

  •  What it is: Students draw a current event question and have 30 minutes to prepare a speech to answer that question, citing specific examples (ie: the hardest effing category)
  • What kinds of people you find there: Either lazy slackers that like winning by default (because barely anyone enters this category) or extraordinarily gifted and prepared young minds. NO HAPPY MEDIUMS HERE.

2. Extemporaneous Reading

  • What it is: Students draw a selection from a large book comprised of short stories and poems and have 30 minutes to prepare to read their selection.
  • What kinds of people you find there: People who dislike memorization, and who enjoy the pretentious feeling of reading serious art out of a book. (ie: people who wear fake glasses, people who like to seem smart without actually doing much, etc) I was in this category for a year.
    …. Speaks volumes doesn’t it?….

3. Storytelling

  • What it is: Students draw a folktale out of a book they receive at the beginning of the season and have 30 minutes to prepare to tell the story in an animated and engaged way, without the book.
  • What kinds of people you find there: Students who like kids, Disney movies, and teaching lessons while remaining ‘fun’.
    (ie: The Frizz is your friggin’ idol.)

Now you may have noticed the repetitive use of ‘draw’ and ’30 minutes’, or you may have ignored that because I’m a pretty flawed writer that tends to repeat myself quite a bit. But this time it was intentional. Those categories were all “draw categories”.

4. Discussion

  • What it is: I really don’t know the specifics, but I believe a group of students sit around a table and discuss a current event topic picked at the beginning of the season. The students have to cite specific sources, etc. Sorta like Extemp Speaking, except the tournament holders are forcing the awkward dorks that like that sort of thing to interact/feed off of each other. (I say these insults with love, kids.)
  • What sort of people you find there: People who join Speech with the common misconception that is is Debate, people who employ the use of various thought-enhancing gestures (ie: pantomiming peeling a banana), people who are terrified of actually having to speak in front of people alone, people who hate to stand, people who love that they can call their category Disco, and reap the benefits of all the cool puns that spark.

5.  Great Speeches

  • What it is: Students take a famous speech from history and perform it, while also taking time to describe an analysis of the speech.
  • What sorts of people you find there:
    (ie: Leslie Knope)

6. Serious Prose

  • What it is: The student performs a selection from a book, short story, that is serious in nature.
  • What kinds of people you find there: Isolated loners, intelligent book-lovers, disillusioned old-souls, total kill-joys, and a few very talented actors, cat lovers, people who began drinking coffee at age 11.

7. Serious Drama

  • What it is: The student performs a selection from a play that is serious in nature. (ie: pretty much the same thing as Prose)
  • What kinds of people you find there: Same thing as Prose, but with more chicks, and people who have a zeal for multiple characters/voices.

8. Serious Poetry

  • What it is: The student performs a selection from a poem/series of poems that are serious in nature.
  • What kinds of people you find there: Kids that refuse to acknowledge that the emo-generation is passed, ‘writers’, kids who get more pumped at going to a poetry slam than a concert, kids who have not only had their first coffee by age 11, but their first scotch and cigarettes by age 13, girls (and sometimes guys… no judgy!) that look like Lorde in both dress and presentation gestures.

9. Informative

  • What it is: The student presents a self-written speech on a topic. The use of visual aids is allowed.
  • What kinds of people you find there: Kids who think they’re quite interesting but don’t always gather that the opposite may be true, truly interesting and dynamic individuals who provide new insights, kids who enjoy pointing at things, kids that need the slight boost of courage in the form of a tripod of construction paper diagrams, smart kids who look up to Bill Nye.
    (I just called all of you smart. Who wouldn’t look up to such a charming fellow?)

10. Original Oratory

  • What it is: The student picks a topic of division, and attempts to persuade the audience to one side of the issue using a self-written speech with source citation.
  • What kinds of people you find there: Pushy people, people who enjoy playing devils advocate, people who join Speech with the misguided notion that they are joining Debate, people you usually have considered hiding from your Facebook feed, thoughtful people who have a strong sense of well-founded conviction and wisdom beyond their years (or as they’re known in the high school realm: unicorns).

11. Humorous

  • What it is: The student performs a selection from a play, short story, or book that is humorous in nature.
  • What kinds of people you find there: kids who think they’re funny, kids who enjoy impressions, kids who are unnaturally energetic, kids with the misguided sense that they are joining the ‘least-crazy’ category (when debatably, the opposite is true), highly competitive kids (ie: people who refuse to laugh at a competitor no matter how funny their speech may be, creating a suffocating blanket of silent intimidation for the competitor).

12. Dramatic Duo

  • What it is: The only category students can have another person to perform with. Selections can be from humorous or serious plays, short stories, or books.
  • What kinds of people you find there: the kinds of people who cannot part from their bff/bro, people who don’t necessarily care about winning but just having a good time, people slightly less awkward than the rest of the category speakers, people with a fear of speaking alone.

And finally,

13. Creative Expression

  • What it is: A self-written speech that can either be humorous or serious in nature.
  • What kinds of people you find there: ‘writers’, real writers, truly terrifying people (ie: kids who perform eerily specific selections on serial killers), kids that just wanna be themselves and arrogantly thinks the already published works of celebrated authors cannot possibly capture the complexities that enter their 15-year-old brain (ie: every high schooler), extremely depressed yet snarkily sarcastic kids, recluses that show a hidden ability to amuse a crowd after dragging them out of isolation kicking and screaming.I was in this category as well.

I learned so many wonderful things from my time in Speech, probably the most important lessons were how to talk to walls and how to execute proper Conclusion

Important Life Lessons Taught By Pokemon

Hello everyone!
Hopefully you have been having a good time doing whatever it is you people do. Working, spending time with family, underwater basket weaving, making tiny graphite sculptures on the tips of pencils….
Anyways, you may have been wondering why I have missed the ball a bit on my blog updates. You really haven’t have you? If you’re relying on me for your only source of entertainment, you need to reevaluate some aspects of your life….
If you’ve been just itching to know what I’ve been up to, I’ll tell you. Not much.
Lots of work, reading, blah, blabbity, freaking blah. Even though I by no means am living a highly exciting life at the moment, there is one quasi-interesting aspect of my life as of lately.

Pokemon X. The latest and greatest installment in the Pokemon series (yes, I know I’m a little late to the game). While to an outsider, it may not seem like something to get all hot and bothered about, Pokemon has been an important part of my life since I was a little girl. It has taught me many things and I am going to list some of the important life lessons I have learned from my Poke-journeys. (Although I’m not listing many because 1.I’m feeling lazy   2.I may recycle this topic down the road.)

For all you fellow Poke-fans out there: Enjoy. For all of you non Poke-fans out there: Give it a read. If you don’t understand things you can always ask someone, even me, or just smile and nod. Who knows, you might actually learn something important and meaningful.
-“Yeah, like I should really take this Goober seriously.”

Ah, hell. Who am I kidding? Non-Pokefans, see you next week.

1. Just because something looks cute doesn’t mean it should be taken lightly.

2. After trading Pokemon cards, I felt ready to handle negotiations for a Fortune 500 company.
How it felt:

What really happened:

3. Good things come to those who wait.

4. Some mysteries are best left unsolved.

5. It made me took a good, thorough look at my gender identity.

6. No matter how much of a handle you have on life, someone always has their shit a bit more together.

7. How to identify brethren.

7. How to handle your emotions.

8. Well… some emotions…

9. Don’t always rely on logic.

10. It taught me important values.


11. How to make difficult decisions.

12. The fine science of genetics.

13. How to accessorize and get all the babes.

14. How to take an extremely large, extremely sketchy, adult crime organization. All at the tender age of 10.

15. This.

But in all seriousness, I do realize I am referring to a children’s game. I will grow up one day…..

Or will I?

Stay tuned!

I can be your hero baby…

Actors and Actresses that should play Superheroes

Hello Everyone!

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news for my audience… (All.. 6 of you?) But my computer charger bit the dust and I have a new one being shipped. (Less expensive than buying one in the store for a bajillion gagillion dollars… I’m just kidding it’s not that much, only a bajillion.) Anyways, since life usually takes moments of strife to deal you a 2 of clubs, my charger is on backorder so it will be a while until I’m blog-ready.

In the meantime, I shall suck upon the fruit of other writer’s labor like a gnat infestation.

^^ Click the link on the header to read it! ^^

Enjoy folks!

Thanks Buzzfeed!

The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth

(warning: mature themes)
Hello viewers! Another week has gone by and you may all simply be itching to know what I did this weekend… or not… Well, if you rely on the simplistic powers of observation you’ll know that I did DIDDLY SQUAT! But if it was based on where my mind traveled then I’ll have you know that I spent the whole weekend at Comic Con! [If you don’t know what Comic Con is. G.T.F.O. Well, you probably don’t know what GTFO means either so I’ll simply say, “Go back under the rock you’ve been under.”]

Since Comic Con was all weekend I occupied myself with soaking up as much magical nerd/pop culture goodness as I could. Heh… pop culture… it’s funny to think of a giant Nerdgasm such as Comic-Con as the “cool” thing out there. Times have really changed for the nerds of the world, even since my time. Now I’m certainly not the most hardcore nerd you’ll ever meet, but I am not a poser either. I’m in that nice little outcast of nerds. 😦
ImageI know there are nerd purists out there that would quickly try to debunk all my claims at nerd-dom, but they can just chill out. I had my painfully virginal… o.O that came out different than I intended… times of my life. I bared my nerd cross before nerds became cool. Still don’t believe me? Well you’ve awakened the factoid/debunker LIST MONSTER!!!!!11!!!1!

Ladies and Germs I will now proceed to list my reasons I am a legit nerd.

  1. Image
    I love me some math and grammar jokes/puns. Boys, if the punchline can be found in a textbook, panties will drop. Well somebody’s, probably not mine, because I am not a ‘ho (refer to ‘painfully virginal’ statement from earlier and make own conclusions).
  2. Image
    Disney taught me the habitual way to finish this sentence. Disney also taught me about pretty much everything else in life, including the idea that if I go around singing my little heart out everyone in the village will join in merrily. Which brings me to…

  3. My intense love and history of musical theater. I posted this song because this was one of my solo gems from high school. Now I refrained from posting my interpretation because another wedgie might just awaken all the Shell-Shock. But oh musicals, I sure love them…
  4. But I get angry when people mock them for being campy, or too lighthearted. They clearly have never seen Sweeny Todd. In case you are unaware the musical centers a revenge driven, serial killing barber that uses his blade to slit numerous innocent patrons throats to have them slide down to the delightful woman below who proceeds to cook the corpses into meat pies for her shop. Cute isn’t it? And for all you people who say musicals are gay…

    Well… you’re right.
  5. Image
    I know the significance this picture holds because I was in Speech. I also know that it is NOT THE CLASS.
  6.  I usually read the school assigned novel earlier for personal enjoyment.
  7. Ever since I was a young wench, Ren Fest has been a highlight of my year.
  8. When we would have newsbowl/current events competitions in class, I could raise my hand faster than Clint Eastwood could draw a gun. This even led to a one time competition between me and the entire rest of the class… That is nothing to brag about trust me…
    url-6I never made being “an unsufferable know-it-all” that cool.
  9. While we’re on a Hermione tangent…  I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Hermione and JK Rowling are my heroes. Most people may think, “Well yeah lots of people love Harry Potter. I even went to the midnight release of the last movie”
    Try a midnight book release.
    ImageIn case you may have doubts of my Harry Potter fandom level, I will go further down the rabbit hole.
  10. I am a member of Pottermore. And while I may not have been one of the lucky betas (there are games I have been a beta on though.) I was selected in House Slytherin. Yeah, I’m a Slytherin. The only thing that would test my fandom devotion more would be if I was a Hufflepuff. But in all honesty, I know damn well that not all Slytherins are bad.
    Still not convinced?
  11. I listen to Harry Potter themed music.
  12. Hopefully that convinced you. But I am also a tolkien fan. That is a bit of an understatement. But lemme put it in the form a a quiz to see if you’re on my level. Can you name the following characters?
    If so congratulations. You’re a nerd.
    (if not, here is the answer)
  13. I won’t expand on this next one because it is my current obsession. Westeros. I will readily say that if Daenerys Targaryen was a real person I would abandon all of my earthly possessions and go follow in her Khalasar. I have proclaimed my fealty to Emilia Clarke though and have received an autograph framed safely in my bedroom as a result. This may seem a little over-the-top but come. on.
    definition of power boner.
  14. Speaking of boner… I have a major girly crush on Aisha Tyler whether it be in real form:
    Or my personal favorite, animated form:
  15. I also am a big fan of football player Chris Kluwe, although I couldn’t say I really watched his football games.
  16. While we are in the overly sexual portion of this post, I can also say that I will always look at the movie version of the mutant Rogue with unintentional x-ray vision.
    I.. watch.. for the… plot…. haha.. yeah who am I kidding.
  17. Now people may think this one is sexual but I’ve also dabbled in watching anime without a shred of arousal. Now let me make disclaimers to both sides of the spectrum on this. To all anime die-hards out there, I am by NO MEANS a legit anime fan. I am still pretty new to the genre, but can say that I won’t rule it out as quality programming anymore. To all the haters out there that think it’s a waste of time or stupid, there is actually some great writing that goes into many of the shows and beautiful artwork, which a lot of time is wasted on frames upon frames of
    all that aside, it is still pretty good. And fellas? There shouldn’t be a problem here.
  18. One product of my life that has changed my way of life forever…Image
    The religious cult of Pokemon.
    I won’t delve too deeply into this either because I could ramble on for hours and will save that for another time.
  19. It was one of my biggest inspirations to exercise.
  20. I know the pain and frustration of immediately being tacked on with the label of “Genwunner” or “Nostalgiafag”
    But honestly things were better back then.
  21. I knew the difficulty of passing a “slaps only” mission.
  22. I know that even the most savvy of formula 500 racers would have a horrible time on the dreaded Rainbow Road.
  23. I knew nothing was more intense than two siblings in an intense battle between either Ken/Ryu or Scorpion/Sub Zero
  24. When I hear Avatar, my mind conjures this:
    ImageSorry James Cameron.
  25. I own a purple lightsaber. Because A: Starwars is wonderful. B: Samuel L. Jackson. Do I really need to say more?
  26. I have a favorite pony. Applejack.
    Badass much?
    (I am relatively new to Pony fandom, but I knew I found a nice home once i was introduced.)
  27. Drake will always be “Wheelchair Jimmy” to me.
    thank me later.
  28. Image
    I can be a bit of a buzzkill to watch shows/movies with because I am consistently analyzing the acting/historical accuracy/laws of physics.
  29. I love me some computer jokes.
  30. When my female peers were busy going on real dates I sat at my computer creating my own virtual world with my crushes.
  31. I moderate a forum.. or two and know the sweet sweet taste of victory when I use the almighty weapon known as…
  32. I spend my quality family time acting as a member of tech support.
  33. When I make a mistake IRL, I find myself habitually thinking…
  34. I feel a deep seething at anger for people that can’t see blatant Photoshop.
  35. I’ve found myself on a random page of Wikipedia a few hours after my initial search wondering how I got there.
  36. I think of techno music differently (usually in Romanian)
    ImageBut seriously kids, you can’t do this to dubstep.

All in all I am happy that being a nerd is cool, but part of me wishes that it wasn’t. I feel like people would have a deeper appreciation for nerd-ish things if they knew they’d have to face ridicule for it. Oh well, I mustn’t pull an Anthony Michael Hall and go from being the victim to the asshole.

Until next time folks!

Oh yeah, my song selection for this week:

  1. Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show
  2. Remember the Name – Fort Minor
  3. What’s My Name – Rhianna and ‘Wheelchair Jimmy’
  4. Desolation Row – My Chemical Romance
  5. Street Fighting Man – Rolling Stones
  6. Rodeo: Hoedown – Aaron Copeland
  7. Unwell – Matchbox 20
  8. Mine -Taylor Swift
  9. Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) – Shakira
  10. Mountain Music – Alabama