Television Death Match Spectacular

Hello my Dino-Nuggets!

I don’t know about you, but the last couple of weeks have been DAUNTING. Work really did a number on me. I got a letter back from the state saying I was mistaken on my tax return, and now OWE money. Game of Thrones won’t be on this weekend!! Really terrible stuff.

In order to fill up my time normally spent anticipating/watching/reviewing/obsessing over the show, I now have some time to write…

about Game Of Thrones.



[not sorry]

I will prove to you all how great this show is by having a


I will match up some Game of Thrones cast members with some other beloved tv characters in a brutal test of awesomeness! There will only be one victor per round.

Without further adoo…




Broody bastard that could melt The Wall with his smolder…. Jon Snow.



Broody law enforcement man who could stop a horde dead in their tracks with his… personality?….Rick Grimes
[The Walking Dead]

Hmm.. both are reluctant leaders constantly faced with the looming threat of an Undead army. Both lack a massive emotional range/interesting storyline (at least compared to their costars), yet still attract massive support of the fandoms.

I’d have to give the win to Rick. They won’t kill off Rick. The whole story rides on him.

~ Round 2 ~
The ruthless Momma Lion Cersei Lannister.


The positively Psycho Norma Bates. [Bates Motel]

Norma Bates.
Sorry Cersei. Even when dead, Norma still holds tremendous psychological holds over her offspring. When’s the last time you were able to contain your bratty kids?

~ Round 3 ~
Our smokin’ hot Red Priestess Melisandre.


The Supremely bewitching Cordelia Foxx. [American Horror Story]


I mean c’mon. She’s the Supreme. Even if she could be killed by Melly, (although not by fire due to her Pyrokinesis) she can be brought back to life by her one true love (FOXXAY 4 lyfe!) who just happens to have the power of resurgence.

~ Round 4 ~


The lethal Bisexual hailing from the sands of Dorne, Oberyn Martell!

The Nordic sex-beast himself, vampire Eric Northman. [True Blood]


The Red Viper may be very suave and skilled and combat, but he just cannot compete with a 1,000 year old vampire. Unless of course the battle were to be held in Dorne. That particular house of Westeros seems to readily idolize one of Eric’s greatest weaknesses.


Spears, ALL vampires fear spears.

I predict the battle will begin at night, and Oberyn will fend Eric off before getting mortally wounded. Eric will have lost track of time trying to kill off Oberyn and burn upon the rising of the sun. Leading to both contestants to win AND lose.


Oh yeah book readers, I just did that.

~ Round 5 ~

Lannister Golden Boy (see what I did there?) Jaime Lannister.



Resident hottie Schmidt. [New Girl]

Jaime Lannister.

Both of these competitors would be neck and neck in a popularity contest, although no one would know why. Both infamously arrogant jerks seem to have a radiating magnetism to them. But this is not a competition for Country Club President, it is a FIGHT TO THE DEATH. And knowing how to fight with a sword (even with a gimpy gold hand) clearly proves an advantage.

~ Round 6 ~


Conniving Geriatric Olenna Tyrell.

Sassy Artistocrat Dowager Countess. [Downton Abbey]

Queen of Thorns.
While both are fabulously sharp-tongued and could have an unparalleled verbal fencing match, there is a clear disadvantage here.
You see, the British High-Society folk just cannot turn down a cup of tea. And Queen Olenna seems to love adding extra… surprises… in beverages.

Just ask this poor schmuck.

Just ask this poor schmuck.

~ Round 7 ~

The Wildling Kissed By Fire, Ygritte.

The fiery beauty, Gloria Pritchett. [Modern Family]

While both opinionated accent-speaking beauties would have a good go at it, Ygritte would have no problem in hand-to-hand combat and would mercilessly kill anyone who got in her way. (Besides maybe, ‘John Sneauuuu’).

~ Round 8 ~ TAG TEAM ROUND ~
The Prince of Transcendence Brand Stark and the eloquent Hodor.

The Adventuresome dream team of Finn and Jake. [Adventure Time]

Bran + Hodor.
While there is no denying Finn and Jake’s bravery and impressive battle history against all sorts of scary foes, they just don’t stand a chance against Bran and Hodor. For one, this is Hodor we’re talking about. It has not been confirmed, but he is clearly the frontrunner to win the Iron Throne. And then you have Bran, who is essentially training to be one of the Old Gods. Even if Finn and Jake seem to gain an advantage in the battle, Bran will simply Warg into Jake’s mind, turning him against Finn.

~Round 9~

The no-nonsense Brienne.

The no-time-for-your-bullshit Lana Kane. [Archer]


These two Amazonian powerhouses would have a very close-hard fought battle, after first sitting down to enjoy the company of someone who deals with as much crap from peers as the other does. But once Lana decided the fight was dragging on too long, she’d pick out one of her many guns and finish the job, like she always does.

~ Round 10 ~
The devious Master of Coin (and deception), Petyr Baelish.


Capitol Hill power-player Frank Underwood. [House of Cards]


Oh boy. This is a very tough one. Both are exceptionally good at using any means necessary (including unsuspecting people) to get what they want and cunningly climb the ladder to rule.
I suppose I’d have to give the slight edge on this to Littlefinger, for I feel he would be slightly more quick to simply murder his foe if he knew he would be a tough competitor.

~ Round 11 ~
The protagonist you have trouble rooting for (but still sort of pity)… Theon Greyjoy.


The protagonist you REALLY have trouble rooting for… Hannah Horvath. [HBO’s GIRLS]

Theon, by a landslide.
Even if Hannah actually did any sort of damage to Theon, he has clearly shown he can take all sorts of physical abuse and pain and still function. Hannah would self-destruct as soon as she knows she wouldn’t be able to tur her battle experiences in a self-indulgent screenplay.

~ Round 12 ~


[Orange Is The New Black]

Pennsatucky. Even though Joffrey is a terrible excuse for a human being, he is quite cowardly. A match between these two questionably-inbred jerks would be close, all Pennsatucky would need is some misinterpreted sign from God that Joffrey needed to die, and she would stop at nothing to see it done.

~ Round 13 ~


Young Badass Arya Stark.

Wise-beyond-her-years Sally Draper. [Mad Men]

Arya Stark.
Clearly the young lady training to be a FREAKING ASSASSIN would have the combative advantage here. But as far as judging the quality each character brings to their respective show, it’d be a pretty even matchup.

~Round 14 ~
The most snuggly bodyguard evar… Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane.

The friendliest Teddy Bear of a government worker you’ll know… Ron ‘Duke Silver’ Swanson.
[Parks and Recreation]

The Hound, duh.
Even though I love Ron Swanson for his grumpiness, epic one-liners, and general disdain for everyone else but himself, I love The Hound for all the same reasons. So then we must take into consideration that The Hound is a highly skilled and ruthless killer.

~Round 15~
The daddy-of-the-year Tywin Lannister.

Teacher-of-the-year Walter ‘Heisenberg’ White. [Breaking Bad]

Walter White.
Even though Tywin is a master strategist, I really don’t think he’d fare well against Mr. ‘I-Am-The-Danger’. Walter seems to luck out of so many deadly situations and come out on top. Besides, he has plenty of useful Chemistry tricks up his sleeve.

~Round 16~

He puts the ‘IMP’ in ‘PIMP’… Tyrion Lannister.

Everyone’s favorite High-Functioning Sociopath, Sherlock Holmes.

With an underdog win, Tyrion Lannister.
Even though this would be a battle of wits to go down in history, I feel that Tyrion would somehow come out ahead. I am not sure how, but I feel it would happen. Also, image the outrage if Tyrion were to ever die. If Sherlock were to die, we’d just have to face the wrath of the Cumber-bitches. If Tyrion gets killed off EVERYONE WILL RIOT.

*HINT*HINT*, George R.R. Martin.


The beautiful Daenerys ‘name-is-not-Khaleesi’ Targaryen.


The… lots of adjectives… Clone Club. [Orphan Black]


I know. You’re probably wondering how I could go against my raging Targaryen Fealty and NOT declare Dany as the unquestionable victor. But the truth is, I really don’t see either matchup being completely wiped out. Sure Dany has an entire Army and friggin’ DRAGONS, but I feel that more and more clones would keep popping up no matter how many she kills. And If she were without her army, guards, or dragons, I feel that Dany wouldn’t stand a chance against some of these ladies, especially Helena.

Also I feel like this guy would throw a stupid love-triangle wrench into the whole deal.



whatshisface... Orphan Daario

whatshisface… Orphan Daario

So I’ll just make a ruling on this and declare them all the winners! The Clones could join Dany and be excellent Royal Advisors.

So after many hard fought battles, one side triumphed just a few times more (but it was close). And the winner is…


Did you really think this would turn out a different way?

I’m sure plenty of you may disagree with my ruling on this, and may go to lengths to let me know. And I only have this to say about it.

Haters to the Left.

Haters to the Left.


All Hallows Eve

Gather around the campfire kids, for I am about to tell you a story. One so scary, so creepy, so spooky, that you may need TWO nightcaps to fall asleep.

Actually, I am just going to take some time and discuss a Holiday that jus happens to be approaching and just happens to be my favorite. If you guessed Leif Ericsson day, you are close, but no cigar. Halloween it is!!

In honor of Halloween, I am going to partake in one of my favorite pastimes, list-making, and provide you all with a list of my 25 favorite things about Halloween (in no particular order).

1. The Music.  I will actually compose a list of my top 10 favorite Halloween songs (10 being most favorite). Ooh a list within a list… click and enjoy!

  1. Psycho Killer – Talking Heads
  2. Monster Mash
  3. Dragula – Rob Zombie
  4. Jeepers Creepers
  5. Ghostbusters
  6. Addams Family
  7. I Put A Spell On You – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
  8. Time Warp
  9. Thriller – Michael Jackson (Of course this is on my list. Find a list without this song!)
  10. Day-O (Banana Boat Song) – Harry Belafonte
    Now you may wonder why this one is my favorite when it has nothing to do with Halloween. Behold!

2. Halloween is a holiday where everyone is either very laid back or extremely uptight. The uptight people are even more fun to mess with. You can’t take them too seriously because really, what’s the worst they can do?

3. The Great Pumpkin. While most children knew that Santa Claus thrived on the Christmas Spirit within the hearts of children, most forget that The Great Pumpkin relies on The Halloween Spirit as well.

4. This is the last Holiday I am forced to show my legs before I can let my winter coat grow.

5. Watching old school Scooby-Doo!
(Which usually is paired with me inhaling an entire box of these puppies)

6. Going through the yearly crisis of debating whether or not Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween or Christmas movie.

7. The lovely fall weather!  Except the Halloween of ’91. We don’t like remembering that day.
F. T. S.

8. Zombie-Themed things!  Walking Dead, Zombie Pub Crawl (so fun!), and the fact that your post-Halloween Bash hangover allows you to fit in with the undead as you angrily stumble out of bed the next morning.
Quick joke!   What did the Vegan say after he turned into a Zombie? GRAAAAAAIIIINS…… 
I’ll be here all week! Tip your waitresses!

9. Caramel!!!  I always buy those bags of caramel squares for baking, but let’s be honest, I never get around to that crap. So I am left with the bag all to myself.

10. Vampires. I love me some vampires. I wrote a whole post about them.

11. Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Sweeney Todd, Tim Burton in General.
Friggin’ Idol

12. Little kid costumes.
So Adorable!

So Innocent!


13. Halloween is a wonderful time of year where it is acceptable to day drink as long as the beverages are fall themed.
(Although you might wanna pass on the Pumpkin Margaritas)

14. Ghostbusters. There is no explanation needed. But if you insist…

15. The Munsters. Whether it be the classic show, or the recently released TV Movie, Mockingbird Lane (Seriously, watch that shit. Eddie Izzard and Portia Del Rossi in a pairing you’ll likely never see again!) The Munsters always get me in the spirit right from the catchy theme song.

16. Scary Movies! I admit, I am a huge pansy when it comes to horror movies. But even a big wuss such as I needs to partake in this Halloween staple.

17. Pulling pranks on people!! Everyone knows that Halloween is full of tricks! Some lighthearted, some not. Mine usually fall somewhere in the middle of the road.

18. They’re creepy and they’re kooky. Mysterious and spooky. They’re altogether ooky, the Kardashians! But seriously. I love the Addams Family. I tend to relate to a certain member more than the others.

19. Pumpkin Carving
So fun. I wish this was a thing all year.

20. Rocky Horror Picture Show. This movie is the bees knees. It is a glorious Halloween tradition of mine to watch it. I will hopefully upgrade to viewing the live show.

21. Animal Costumes.
So Cute!

So Funny!

url-13So… hard to sleep knowing the threat of vengeful death is looming.

22. All the fun tv specials. Whether it be original movies, or halloween episodes. There is an abundance of spooky or downright candy-corny halloween shows to suit your fancy.

23. The decor is so fun and unique. Since when is it acceptable to accessorize your yard with cobwebs, dead trees, remains, cracked windows, toilet paper, and other various states of disrepair. SIGN ME UP!

24. The costumes! Whether you’re a slut just dressing up for another ol’ day, a prude letting your freak flag fly, a hipster with a costume of “something you’ve probably never heard of,
url-14or whatever the hell this is supposed to be….
there is usually a costume that will let you express yourself!

25. The CANDY!!!
url-2Eat. It. ALLLLL!!!!!!!!

50 funny females!

Hello Everyone!

Hopefully this week has been good to you. It sure has for me. I found a nice place to move into (warning: future posts may be delayed). I’ve had sort of a drab stretch of life for a while, but things are finally on the upswing. I was able to get through a lot of  hard times both recently and throughout my whole life, but I will expand on that in a bit.

First Off:

  1. Glycerine – Bush
  2. Icky Thump – The White Stripes
  3. Mud On The Tires – Brad Paisley
  4. Jumpin’ Jack Flash – The Rolling Stones
  5. Kitty – Presidents of the USA
  6. Brandy – Looking Glass
  7. I Couldn’t Kill Albus Dumbledore – Draco and the Malfoys …. yes I have Harry Potter fan music. I totally warned you people of this in my previous post.
  8. Come Fly With Me – Frank Sinatra
  9. If It Means A Lot To You – A Day To Remember
  10. This Side – Nickel Creek

Anyways, I won’t expand on the hardships I’ve gone through because 1. No one wants to hear Debbie Downer tell her life story. And 2. It’s the internet. I know most people don’t care. And I’m okay with that because I have developed one of the most important life skills a person can have: a sense of humor.

I developed my sense of humor at a younger age. Whenever relatives, classmates, peers, and random adults would tease me, I would get angry and lash out, only to make the cruel barrage worse. I also remember frequently thinking “Well that wasn’t even a creative insult.” So I strived to come up with witty rebuttals while in my head developing a razor-sharp insults towards myself that would make any outside jests look completely moronic in comparison.

That foundation added with my love of television/movies and my lack of concern when I make a fool out of myself helped me develop a pretty good sense of humor. Among many other things, I got voted Class Clown in high school. I am very proud of that because I like providing people amusement, even if they’re laughing AT me not WITH me. There are so many people who know laughter is the best medicine, and many of those people inspired me to look at the world the same way.

Without further ado, I will compile a list of the 50 women who taught me to laugh.

50. Cloris Leachman
With a repertoire as large as hers, it’d be shocking not to include her. To this day she amuses me with all of her cameos and her delightfully senile portrayal of MeeMaw on ‘Raising Hope’.

49. Fran Drescher
Yes. I know. The voice. As unbelievable as it may be, I actually am immuned to her Harpy cry. I developed an immunity with plenty of healthy doses of ‘The Nanny’. Once you don’t care about The Voice, her delivery and expressions are wonderful. In a fit of niceness, I spared you all and just provided a picture (you can’t deny that she’s a looker).

48. Mo’Nique
Before she was brutally throwing televisions, Mo’Nique was in the stand-up comedy business, the television business (maybe she was just trying to tell Precious how angry she was that ‘The Parkers’ wasn’t on?), and the do-good business. What a talented woman.

47.Minnie Pearl

“HOWWW-DEEEE!!” Now this will reveal a bit about me. Yes, I am a bit of a bumpkin. But despite the blatant cornfed, downhome twang, I have always been amused by Minnie’s special blend of good-hearted, cheerful, self-poking comedy.

46. Janeane Garofalo
Aside from a snarky stand-up persona, she frequently appears in many movies. You may have noticed her as the ‘sarcastic bitch that gives no damns’.

45. Molly Shannon

Most of you may know her as a… ‘Superstar!!!’ with over the top antics, but this woman plays an impressive ‘straight man’ as well. In her famous Schweddy Balls (a delicious favorite of mine) she delivers her lines with the straightest of faces.

44. Phyllis Diller
Another staple in the female comedy business is Phyllis. She became famous with her completely zany performances and wasn’t afraid to laugh at herself. But with a laugh as infamously contagious as hers, why wouldn’t you laugh at yourself?

43. Jackee Harry
This woman has had a delightful television history but I will always fondly remember her screeching “Ray!!!!” in ‘Sister, Sister’.

42. Debra Messing
Most famous for her portrayal of Grace Adler on the wildly successful, ‘Will and Grace’, Debra has made quite a name for herself. I always had a lot in common with her title character, and was compared to her by many of my friends who watched the show.

41. Isla Fisher
While we’re discussing hilarious red-headed bombshells, I better include this funny lady on the list. She makes even the smallest roles memorable with her out-there brand of crazy that could only be a requirement when married to someone as bizarrely hilarious as Sacha Baron Cohen.

40. Rosie O’Donnell
Yeah yeah, I know. Her modern-day antics have no place on my inspiration list. But let us all look back to a simpler time when Rosie was well-loved. Yes kids, it’s true. And there was also a time when they actually played music on MTV. But whenever Rosie makes some negative appearance in the media, I close my eyes and just imagine her getting slimed with a big grin on her face.

39. Roseanne Barr
I’ll get another widely hated one out of the way for you all. Even though she is quite bitchy, she’s not afraid to embrace it. Whether you loved it or hated it, ‘Roseanne’ was a groundbreaking sitcom in the sense that it made it acceptable for women of all sizes and degrees of social graces to become leading ladies.

38. Maya Rudolph
Though usually at her peak when paired with fellow SNL alumni Kristen Wiig, this woman can sure get the laughs on her own in a variety of ways… Even defecating in the street.

37.Whoopi Goldberg
Along with being an extremely gifted serious actress, Whoopi sure can crack a smile. Sister Act will always be one of my favorites.

36. Sofia Vergara
Ay Caramba! This muy caliente mujer steals our hearts as the hilarious Gloria on ‘Modern Family’. I always chuckle when I hear “OY Man-eeeeee”

35. Jane Lynch
Whether in her numerous cameo roles in films, or her ruthlessly wonderful ‘honey badger’-like portrayal of the vindictive Sue Sylvester, her deadpan delivery always gets me to laugh.

34. Emma Stone/Olive Penderghast
Even though Emma Stone is hilarious in real life. Her portrayal of Olive in ‘Easy A’ was incredibly quotable, hilarious, and relatable… I related to the quirkiness that is, not the ‘pretend to sleep with everyone in school’ thing.

33. Jennifer Lawrence
Even though she usually plays serious characters, this lady is hilariously genuine in real life. A true inspiration to always be myself.

32. Zooey Deschanel
If ‘Adorkable’ was a word in the dictionary, Zooey’s picture would be listed. I enjoy her many quirks although her all-male roommates on ‘New Girl’ may not agree.

31. Jessica Walter

This woman is hilarious! Whether she’s playing a boozy, cruel mother with control issues on ‘Arrested Development’, or a … boozy, cruel mother with control issues… on Archer, she puts the ‘fun’ in FUNctional alcoholic.

30. Wanda Sykes
Sharp-tongued, blunt, and hilarious, this woman had the best stand-up.

29. Kim Cattrall
All you ‘Sex and the City’ fans out there know that the show wouldn’t be a show if not for Carrie Bradshaw, but you also can’t deny that Samantha Jones was the true reason you kept watching. Kim Cattrall’s brash role really opened up the door to women embracing their sexuality.

28. Aisha Tyler
Another ‘Archer’ cast member to make the list, this foxy woman is as busy as she is hilarious. She is a talk show host, a secret agent, stand-up comedian, a proficient gamer, a pod-cast producer, the host of ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’, and a celebrated author. Kinda makes you feel guilty for sitting on your butt eating cookies now does it?

27. Rue McClanahan
Before Samantha Jones, there was the insatiable Blanche. The first (but certainly not last) Golden Girl to grace this list was famous for being a vain southern debutante floozy.

26. Lena Dunham
Not only is her groundbreaking role in ‘Girls’ changing the face of comedy, this incredibly talented woman writes almost all of it.

25. Mayim Bialik/Amy Farrah Fowler
This former child star sure ‘Blossom’ed into a hilariously nerdy woman both on-screen and in real life. Even though she gets less screen time than her co-stars on ‘The Big Bang Theory’, she always steals the scene, even from Sheldon.

24. Lisa Kudrow

I shouldn’t even need to post that video. You all should have the words of “Smelly Cat” engraved in your hearts. Honestly, I do not think ‘FRIENDS’ would have been as successful if not for the oddball Phoebe.

23. Whitney Cummings
This hilarious woman has a great stand-up act (which I will hopefully be seeing soon) and is also a talented comedic writer.

22.Megan Mullally

Her role as the chirpy booze-hound Karen Walker in ‘Will and Grace’ made the show a widely successful comedy.

21. Amy Poehler
c’mon. Surely you’ve seen this woman. She is in a plethora of hilarious things including her hit show ‘Parks and Recreation’. For all the stuff she’s involved in, when isn’t she hilarious?

20. Jenna Marbles
It would have been fitting to put a Youtube video here, but honestly, I cannot choose! You all know her, you all know where to find her, you all know why I put her on this list. This girl is hilarious. Bye Spiderman!

19. Vicki Lawrence

Oh Mama!  I beg of you, if you’re not familiar with ‘Mama’s Family’, please watch that clip. It takes a very very funny person to get Carol Burnett to crack up. It’s always wonderful to see those two team up.

18. Amanda Bynes
Oh once upon a time, this girl had so much promise. Current fall from grace aside she is very high on my list because she was my favorite character on ‘All That’. Her wonderful skit acting eventually got her her own show, and inspired me to try to be more open about being the funny girl.

17. Gilda Radner

To all you ‘Saturday Night Live’ enthusiasts out there: you aren’t a true SNL fan unless you know of the original funny woman. While most famous for her role as the brash Roseanne Roseannadanna, Radner starred in a number of hilarious skits during the early years of SNL.

16. Mo Collins

It was incredibly hard to decide between Lorraine or Mama Larkin, but Lorraine definitely won out. The hilarious spoof of a screwball Minnesotan buffoon has everyone I know laughing profusely. Whether it’s her awkward slapstick, or her infamous laugh (which I have mastered), Lorraine will forever hold a place in my funny bone… Hah?!

15. Sandra Bullock
Along with one of my favorite comedy movies (‘Miss Congeniality’), this beautiful woman has been in so many funny movies playing an intelligent, awkward, dorky woman, which is always something I can relate to.

14. Bea Arthur
The Golden Girl with the sharpest wit, and saddest dating life, Dorothy was always a little relatable for me. Bea Arthur was also famous in a number of other roles, primarily ‘Maude’.

13. Anna Faris
This lovable beauty of an actress is famous for playing delightfully naive, spaced-out ditzes. Anyone who knows me decently well will know I am one to bust out a random “Come on Frank! You know I love surprises!!!

12. Estelle Getty

Easily the most quotable Golden Girl. I aspire to be as sassy and carefree as her when I get old.

11.Lily Tomlin
I first discovered this funny lady in the hilarious ‘9 to 5’. I have since watched many of her hilarious skits and stand-up routines.

And now the top 10.

10. Tina Fey
Of course this lady is high up on the list. Not only can she put on a funny performance as a comedic actress, she is a top-notch writer and producer.

9. Sarah Silverman
Since she is infamously offensive, I refrained from posting a video of this crude, ballsy woman. I admire her courage and audacity to not let anything be considered too taboo for laughs.

8. Rebel Wilson
I strongly debated having her this high on the list, but I get so much amusement from such little snippets of scenes. That to me speaks of the power of Rebel. She shows great promise for the future.

7. Chelsea Handler
No explanation needed. This woman is my complete idol. She is the epitome of awesome.

6. Ellen Degeneres
Ellen is an inspiration because I cannot fathom how a person can dislike someone so happy, silly, and friendly.

5. Melissa McCarthy

Oh the quotes I could recite from this woman. Everything she touches is comedic gold in my eyes.

4. Kristen Wiig

Again, too many roles to quote from. In case you guys haven’t guessed, ‘Bridesmaids’ is one of my all-time favorite movies.

3.Carol Burnett

The only one on the list to deserve two videos. (if you’ve never seen those clips PLEASE watch them.) The Queen. I will forever hold her in the highest of esteem when it comes to comedy. She has made so many people laugh and smile.

2. Lucille Ball
People will massively disagree with this one… only because most people would list her as number one. I do not need to explain why she is so high on the list. She was the originator and will be forever beloved.

1. Betty White.
Anyone who knows me even remotely knew this was coming. I love absolutely everything this wonderful woman does. Ever since her days on ‘Life With Elizabeth’ to her recent hit ‘Off Their Rockers’, everything she does brings joy to my life and millions of others. She truly is a Golden Girl.